The fsharpWorks team has been providing F# trainings since 2011. This means that we don’t just have in-depth knowledge of F#, but we also know how to teach it. We know where people often struggle and how to explain functional-first programming in an easy to understand way.

Training and workshop testimonials

Riccardo Terrell


Organizer of the F# meetup in Washington D.C. and a frequent F# speaker. Joined Microsoft as a Technical Lead in 2013.

Riccardo attended the FastTrack to F# course in New York in 2013. He has been an active community leader ever since, speaking about F#, concurrency, reactive programming, web and many other topics.

“I attended the fsharpWorks course with Tomas Petricek. I was extremely pleased with the course and would recommend it to anyone who is seeking to better understand Functional Programming in F#. The class proved to highly valuable not only for the training I received but also for the resources I was able to use on a daily basis. It became the foundation for expanding my professional development, enhancing my coding skills and improving my productivity translating to proven success and ultimately promotion at my job.”

Anne Loomis Thompson


Research Software Development Engineer in the Adaptive Systems and Interaction Group.

Anne attended a private F# training organised by fsharpWorks for Microsoft Research in 2015. She builds systems that enable research in the areas of artificial intelligence and situated interaction. For more information see her Microsoft Research web site.

“The instructor was knowledgeable and friendly, and I liked the lecture/lab cadence. I thought the exercises were well-designed to illustrate concepts. I enjoyed hearing about the F# community as well, and resources for learning more, and thought this was covered with the appropriate amount of time.”

Jorgen Thelin


Senior Software Development Engineer</span> at Microsoft Research, looking at next-generation cloud computing applications and infrastructure.

Jorgen attended a private F# training organised by fsharpWorks for Microsoft in 2015. He is Learn more about his work from his Microsoft Research web page!

“Some of the F# features just blew my mind. This course really helped open my eyes for what the language could do.”

“The trainer was a real expert on the F# language, and his experience and knowledge about how to apply it to real world problems contributed significantly to the overall success and usefulness of the training course to me.”

“Overall, a GREAT course, and very useful ROI (return on investment) on my time.”

Isaac Abraham


F# MVP, experienced C# and F# consultant currently working on cloud-based software solutions.

Isaac attended the precursor of the FastTrack to F# in 2012. He is now an F# MVP and a CTO of ElastaCloud which provides BigData solutions, including the F#-enabled Brisk engine service.

“Having struggled a couple of times to get up to speed with F# on my own, I attended a fsharpWorks 2-day F# course run by Phil and Tomas. It was exactly what I needed – practical, real-world examples and hands-on labs designed to build confidence in my ability to solve problems in idiomatic F# along with expert guidance that kept my interest throughout. I would highly recommend this course for software developers that want to learn how to solve problems using functional programming techniques and quickly get up to speed with F#.”

Our customers and partners

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