Our services

We offer a complete range of services including training, F# consulting, and full project development.

We believe strongly in the benefits of using F#, but we also understand the challenges around adding F# into your software development process. Thats's why we offer training, support and other services to make your use of F# as painless as possible.

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Our team

The fsharpWorks team has many years of experience solving real-world problems with F# in a wide range of areas including finance, business application development, machine learning and other.

We are experts in integrating F# into your software development mix, having written many of the definitive libraries, books, and blogs on these topics!

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Our technology

We think that F# is the best technology for you because it offers a unique combination of correctness, time to market, efficiency and an ability to handle complex problems.

F# Software Foundation

We are active members of the F# open-source community and we are proud to support the F# Software Foundation as silver sponsors.

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Upcoming events

Functional Web Development, NYC, June 23

Tomas is running 1-day hands-on workshop on asynchronous web development using F# and Suave in New York at Jet.com. If you are interested in group discount, contact us directly!

Progressive .NET Tutorials, June 22-24

Phil will be running a half day tutorial in London on compiler writing including parsing and code generation.

Hacking Web Stuff - London, June 30

As part of their 2-day training, Tomas and Phil will be doing a free evening talk about F# and web. Join us to learn about Suave and Fable!

FastTrack to F# - London, June 30 - July 1

Tomas and Phil will be doing their 2-day intensive F# training in London. We're happy to offer 10% discount to attendees joining via fsharpWorks, just drop us an email!

F# in Finance - Online, June 29

Join our 6-lecture online F# in Finance course on June 29, or sign in any time and follow at your own pace. Learn about functional concepts, data analysis and more!

Progressive F# Tutorials, December 5-6

The fsharpWorks team is collaborating with Skillsmatter on two-day event full of hands-on tutorials! Book by August 5th to get an early bird discount.

On-site Private Training

Do you want to gain practical hands-on F# skills? We offer private on-site trainings and consulting to fit your needs.

Training testimonials

The fsharpWorks team has been providing F# trainings since 2011 and our attendees include many F# community leaders. Learn more on our testimonials page!

“I attended a fsharpWorks 2-day F# course run by Phil and Tomas. (...) I would highly recommend this course for software developers that want to learn how to solve problems using functional programming techniques and quickly get up to speed with F#.”

Isaac Abraham, F# MVP
Attended FastTrack to F# in 2012

Our customers and partners

Our customers include both large and small companies working in a wide range of areas including finance and data analytics, security, enterprise software development, research and many others.

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News and updates

Books and talks

Check out our new page with books and high-quality talk recordings from fsharpWorks experts.

fsharpConf 2016

We were supporters of fsharpConf 2016, first live virtual F# conference done in partnership with Channel 9. Watch the recordings!

Accessing Data with Type Providers on Pluralsight

Tomas published a new Pluralsight course on type providers. Watch the course to learn how to use F# to build a data access layer in a larger ASP.NET C# application!

Analyzing and Visualizing Data with F# by O'Reilly

In this free O'Reilly report, Tomas explains many of the key features of the F# language that make it a great tool for data science and machine learning.

F# + ML |> MVP Summit

Tomas and Mathias organized an F# and Machine Learning event at Microsoft MVP Summit. Check out the talk recordings!

Mathias' book is now available on Amazon

Mathias' book, "Machine Learning Projects for .NET Developers" (Apress), is out! Get your copy from Amazon, and learn some practical machine learning on real-world datasets (with plenty of F#), or take a sneak peek at the code here.

Talks from NDC 2015

The fsharpWorks team did a number of talks at the NDC 2015 conference. Watch the recordings to learn more about our work:

Past events

June 6-7 2016, Oslo

Mathias did a two-day joint workshop with Evelina Gabasova at NDC Oslo. Check out our workshops to learn more about it.

June 8-10, Oslo

Scott and Tomas talked at NDC Oslo on a range of topics including big time-series data processing and parser combinators. The fsharpWorks team also hosted FP labs during the lunch breaks.

May 12-13, 2016, Paris

Mathias was in Paris for NCrafts, speaking about running machine learning experiments in an agile fashion.

April 15, 2016, London

We helped to organize F# eXchange, the largest F# conference with one day of talks and a community hackathon.

April 15, 2016, MLConf NYC

Mathias talked about F#, machine learning and distributed computing at MLConf in New York.

April 13-14, 2016, London

Tomas a delivered 2-day intensive F# training at SkillsMatter in London. Learn more about the training and join us next time.

March 28, 2016, QCon SP

Tomas did a talk on web development with F# and a joint hands-on workshop on ployglot data science at the QCon conference in São Paulo Brazil.

February 17, Kraków

Tomas taught our 1-day workshop on functional web development with Suave.io and F# in Kraków in Poland.

January 2016, NDC London

The fsharpWorks team was at NDC and Scott Wlaschin did a one-day pre-conference workshop called Introduction to Functional Programming Concepts.

December 7-8, 2015, London

We helped organize the Progressive F# Tutorials with SkillsMatter and Tomas did a 3 hour workshop on functional web development.

November 18-20, 2015, Vilnius

Phil and Mathias spoke and ran workshops at BuildStuff covering F#, machine learning and cloud programming!

October 10, 2015, Stockholm

Scott talked on "Dr Frankenfunctor and the terrible Monadster" at Leetspeak, an intimate and highly recommended conference in Sweden.

September 16, 2015, Kraków

Tomas and Mathias talked about F#, data science, type providers and machine learning at the DevDay conference in Kraków.

July 1-3, 2015, London

Phil and Scott gave hands-on tutorials at Progressive .NET Tutorials, an independent conference, crafted for and by the .NET community. Read more at SkillsMatter web site.

June 22, 2015, Cambridge

Scott talked about domain modelling in F# at the F# Meetup in Cambridge.

June 15-19, 2015, Oslo

The team from fsharpWorks was at NDC Oslo, talking about web development, type-driven development and F#. Read more at NDC web site.

June 12, 2015, London

Scott talked about domain modelling in F# at DDD eXchange at SkillsMatter. Read more.

May 21-22, 2015, Paris

fsharpWorks hosted a special F# track at the NCrafts conference with talks from Tomas, Mathias, Phil and other F# experts. Read more.

May 18-19, 2015, Benelux

Scott talked about domain modelling at user groups in Leuven and Utrecht. See Utrecht and Leuven meetups.

April 17, 2015, London,

Tomas, Scott and Phil spoke at the first F# eXchange conference. Videos are online. (link)

March 14 2015, Dublin

Scott did a full day workshop on "An introduction to functional programming / Domain modelling the functional way" for the female-friendly Coding Grace community in Dublin. (link)

March 10 2015, Dublin

Scott talked about functional programming at the Functional Kats meetup in Dublin. (link)

February 26-27 2015, Kraków

Tomas talked about Literate Programming with F# at the LambdaDays conference. See slides and source

January 20 2015, Southampton

Scot talked about Functional Design patterns at the Southampton user group. Details

December 1-5 2014, NDC London

Phil, Scott and Mathias did a number of talks at the conference. Watch recordings

December 8-9 2014, Oslo

Mathias did a 2-day workshop on F# and Machine Learning, and a talk at the user group. Details

November 18-22 2014, BuildStuff

Phil, Scott, Tomas and Mathias talked and delivered workshops at the conference. Details

November 5-7 2014, London

Phil, Scott, Mathias and Tomas will all be running tutorials at Progressive F# Tutorials in London. Come to see us! Details

November 4 2014, Aarhus

Mathias and Tomas did a one-day workshop and spoke at the local user group. Details

October 2-3 2014, Prog F# NYC

Mathias and Scott presented tutorials and coding dojos at Progressive F# Tutorials in New York. Come to see us! Details

July 23 2014, LambdaJam Chicago

Tomas and Mathias did a workshop "F# and data science: A match made in heaven". Details

June 27 2014, Paris

The fsharpWorks team hosted a one-day F# mini conference in Paris, with speakers and mini-workshops. More Information.

June 19-20 2014, London

Tomas and Scott presented the two day course "Fast Track to F#" at Skills Matter in London. More information.

June 9 2014, Stockholm

The fsharpWorks team presented a one day event on "Machine Learning with F#" in Stockholm. More information.

June 4-6 2014, Oslo

Tomas, Mathias and Scott spoke at NDC 2014 conference in Oslo. See recorded talks at NDC web site.